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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 16 Number 4

President's Column

Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Fomenting a Political Evolution

Our country was founded on a principle of self-rule. As long as you were a white, male landowner, which left out a LOT of people. Of course, we have corrected this in principle, if not practice. Our esteemed founders were of the Age of Enlightenment, which advanced a society to loosen control of governments and the church over people and allowing more freedoms than were commonly possible.  Yet they did not trust the average person to make decisions of leadership.  [more]

A Message To Our Members

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

Tom Neilson is a musician who composes and performs songs concerning human rights and social justice. His songs have been used on television, radio, and theater. He was nominated for the 2015 Nelson Mandela Award presented by the People for a New Society. He also won the Independent Music Award for a Social Action Song. He's been a Coffee Party USA member for several years. Here is a brief glimpse into Tom's activities: [more]

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I turned a lemon into lemonade

Jeanene Louden

Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer

After months of planning to attend Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening, life handed me a lemon and I was unable to attend. Thinking I would make lemonade by using social media to share anything and everything I could find about the events I set out to collect, vet, and share.... [more]

Volunteer of the Month

 Ellen Fuller

Ellen Fuller Strategy and Implementation Work Group

Our volunteer of the month is Ellen Fuller.  Ellen is from Corvallis, Oregon  and is the Work Group Chair for the Accounting/Legal Work Group.

Ellen has been volunteering for the Coffee Party for about three years.  She became interested in the Coffee Party listening to Jeanene Louden’s show on Blog Talk Radio.  Jeanene and Ellen have been friends for many years.  Ellen really enjoys the Blog Talk Radio shows as they increase her knowledge of politics.  She is drawn to the Coffee Party by our Civility Pledge and would love to see our current elections abide by our pledge. [more]

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Volunteering for the Coffee Party


Leah Spitzer, Volunteer Coordinator

Coffee Party USA is a volunteer-driven organization and our leaders come out of the volunteer workforce.  If you would like to be a part of our work, consider volunteering!   Please join us at www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer.

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