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A Coffee Party USA Member Profile

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations


Tom Neilson is a musician who composes and performs songs concerning human rights and social justice. His songs have been used on television, radio, and theater. He was nominated for the 2015 Nelson Mandela Award presented by the People for a New Society. He also won the Independent Music Award for a Social Action Song. He's been a Coffee Party USA member for several years. Here is a brief glimpse into Tom's activities:


Q: Why are you a member of the Coffee Party USA?
A: It's because of the Coffee Party's interest in representative democracy and human rights.

Q: Your a professional musician. How would you describe your music?
A: I'm a folk musician and story teller who does satire and social commentary. You can sample my songs at: www.soundclick.com/TomNeilson

Q: You're finishing a national tour. How have audiences responded to your music and your message?
A: I think people who are connected to the issues respond very well to my music and appreciate the message. Most of my shows are fundraisers and nearly everyone on this tour has invited my back to perform. They've also added venues for the next tour.

Q: What kind of venues have you performed?
A: Unitarians, Quakers, United Churches of Christ, Veterans for Peace, Move to Amend, Sierra Club, house concerts, Humanists, Women's International League for Peace and Freedon, Peace and Justice Centers, colleges, high schools, Jobs with Justice, Code Pink, Great Labor Arts, United Nations Association, and on an on. I've played large and small venues and appreciate them all.

Q: How can people learn more about you?
A: Booking a show is a great way to learn more about me. You can also learn from the file the NSA keeps on me. Make sure you ask for the non-redacted copy. You can also contact me directly at my website: www.TomNeilsonMusic.com

Just a note: I strongly encourage readers to listen to Tom's songs at www.soundclick.com/TomNeilson.

The song “A Tramp's Thoughts” is a haunting version of a slave song from the early 1800's. His song “That Was the Week 2013” is phenomenal as it talks about the distractions that keep us from outrage over the takeover of our democracy. I wish he would update that song every year. He has beautiful love songs, songs decrying privatization of water, GMOs replacing our food, and the decline of family