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7 Ways to Get Involved with Coffee Party USA

Get Involved - Photo of crowd waving flags on Capitol Hill in Washington DC>

Want to get involved with Coffee Party USA? We’ve got several easy options, whether you're able to do a lot or you can do a little. You can contribute financially, volunteer your time and skills, sign up for our email list, joining the conversation... Or all of the above!

Here are 7 ways you can get involved with Coffee Party USA and support our work:

  1. Sign the pledge: We invite everyone who supports us and our goals to sign our Citizen's Pledge.
  2. Join us: Want to become a member? Have coffee with friends - the Friends of Bridge - our monthly giving program. 
  3. Sign up for our e-newsletter: Get the latest updates for Coffee Party USA, our partners, and more.
  4. Volunteer: Got some time on your hands? We need help with everything from social media to bookkeeping to community organizing. Plus we’re a fun, friendly, and welcoming bunch. Sign up here!
  5. Join the conversation: When you like, share, and comment on our social media posts, it helps spread the word and get us all talking about the big issues that affect us all. So please like us on Facebook. follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Instagram.
  6. Buy our Gear!: Incite civility and reason wherever you go, Buy our Coffee Party USA buttons, T-shirts, baseball caps, coffee mugs, and more on Cafe Press.
  7. Stamp Stampede: Stamp money out of politics with our Coffee Party USA self-inking desk stamp. You can buy one from our friends at StampStampede.Org.

Photo: CC by NC 2.0 Jeff Myers Flickr.com.