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Where'd My Facebook Comment Go? An Apology

Where’d my Facebook comment go? We apologize to those whose comments were inadvertently hidden by our new moderation tool.

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Sometimes a Cup of Coffee is Just a Cup of Coffee

Coffee Break - Friends sharing a cup of coffee, conversation, and laughter.

Our name implies that if Americans sat down and had a cup of coffee in a cafe or at a living room coffee table, we would find a spark of common ground. High praise for The People? No, just our experience.

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Coffee Party USA announces the 2020 Golden Coffee Cups movie shortlists, part 2: actors

Golden Coffee Cups Awards Movie Shorts Part 1

Coffee Party USA announces the 2020 Golden Coffee Cups movie shortlists, Part 2: Actors.

Each year, we invite our volunteers and followers to stream the movies in which our nominated and winning actors performed to encourage their appreciation of politics and government in film. Our annual Golden Coffee Cups Awards also invites iyou to watch for the third installment of the movie shortlists, which will recognize the appearances by public officials in shortlisted documentaries.


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Coffee Party USA announces the 2020 Golden Coffee Cups movie shortlists, part 1: films

Golden Coffee Cup Awards - Movie Shorts Part 1

With the 2019-2020 television season out of the way, the members and volunteers of Coffee Party USA will move on to the best political movies of the 2020 awards season. Watch for the posting of the shortlists for the show categories on our blog along with an invitation to stream them while staying safe at home.


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Coffee Party USA announces the 2019-2020 Golden Coffee Cup Television Winners!

Golden Coffee Cup Awards - Television - 2019-2020

Sorry, this category does not go to the House of Representatives to break the tie. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all of our members and volunteers who voted for the best shows and performances about politics and government during the 2019-2020 television season.

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Board Announces the Next Phase for Coffee Party USA

Photo of coffee cup overflowing with coffee beans and decorated with hearts.

Today your all-volunteer Board of Directors is pleased to announce the next phase for Coffee Party USA. 

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Coffee Party USA announces the nominees for the 2019-2020 Golden Coffee Cups for television

2019-2020 Golden Coffee Cups awards for television

After the preliminary round of voting, Saturday Night Live leads with four nominations, one for Best Political Comedy and three for Best TV President. Madam Secretary, Outlander, The Handmaid's Tale, and Watchmen all earned two nominations each. The remaining 29 shows have one nomination apiece.


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Restore Our Democracy: Yes on HR-1 and HR-4

Photo of rally on Capitol Hill. Restore our democracy - Yes on HR-1 and HR-4.

Fair elections are crucial for a healthy, functioning democracy. That's why we urge Congress to pass HR-1, the For the People Act, and HR-4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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Coffee Party USA invites you to stream the political TV series on the 2019-2020 Golden Coffee Cups shortlists while staying safe at home

Golden Coffee Cup Awards -- Start Streaming!

The first part of the activity is to stream as many of the shows on the shortlists between now and March 13, 2021 to see which have the best portrayals of politics and government on television. The second is...


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Celebrate Coffee Party USA's 11th birthday by giving a gift of $11.00

For those who wish to give at a higher level of support and be more involved in the organization, please consider becoming a member. Click on the blue oval with the person emoji that says "Become a member" in the lower right hand corner of your screen, choose your level of support starting at $5.00 per month, then proceed to payment. In addition to supporting Coffee Party USA's good work encouraging and protecting our democracy, members get to nominate and vote for the Golden Coffee Cups for Movies and Television, so there is an extra incentive to become a member, not just a contributor. To become more personally involved with the valuable work of the Coffee Party, volunteer by clicking on "Volunteer" along the navigation bar at the top of the page. Not only will Coffee Party USA thank you for it, so will the country!

Thanks for donating. Let's get to work inciting civility and reason!

Now that you've donated, treat yourself. In addition to today being National Peanut Brittle Day, National Day Calendar lists yesterday as Irish Coffee Day and tomorrow as National Chocolate Cake Day. Pick one, or enjoy them all. In the meantime, Coffee Party on!

Vince Lamb

Coffee Party USA Secretary

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