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Board Announces the Next Phase for Coffee Party USA

Photo of coffee cup overflowing with coffee beans and decorated with hearts.

Today your all-volunteer Board of Directors is pleased to announce the next phase for Coffee Party USA. 

We've accepted an invitation from the Bridge Alliance Education Fund (BAEF) to come under their umbrella. They're a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your contributions will now be tax-deductible. And, they've been a close and reliable partner of ours since 2018, who share many aspects of our core values and mission.

Like Coffee Party USA, BAEF seeks to bring together and amplify organizations across the political spectrum looking to create positive change, improve our political climate, and work towards setting standards of healthy debate and self-governance. The Bridge Alliance Education Fund's family of projects also includes two incredible resources for helping us create a more healthy and responsive political climate: The Fulcrum and Citizen Connect.

  • The Fulcrum is a well-respected news and politics website that's frequented by policy wonks, truth-seekers, and caring citizens looking to engage in the public debate. They've long set high standards for engaging and challenging the public and our policymakers in the spirit of truth, integrity, debate, civility, community and repairing our democracy. Check them out! 

  • Citizen Connect is a non-partisan platform that offers the technical wherewithal for a long-time goal of ours: Connecting and empowering our people and our communities. We can now easily find local groups for causes we care about -- as well as local and online events and workshops.

Joining with Bridge Alliance will increase our collective impact to fulfill the mission of Coffee Party USA. Coffee Party President, Jeanene Louden will also be taking a seat on the Bridge Alliance Education Fund board. Yet things will remain the same for our community. Already, our volunteers and staff from the Bridge Alliance team have been working side-by-side for the past several months. They've been lending us their administrative knowledge and providing technical support while we've been sharing our social media, communications, and outreach expertise. This has been going swimmingly and we've learned a lot from each other.

While working out the details, Coffee Party USA has temporarily stopped accepting new members and recurring membership contributions on May 31, 2021. However, we will soon relaunch and invite our members to join Coffee with Friends, a monthly giving program that's much like Coffee Party USA's current one, only under the umbrella of the Bridge Alliance Education Fund. We'll be keeping you updated!

The Bridge Alliance Education Fund is the public education arm of Bridge Alliance.