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Coffee Party USA | Incite Civility & Reason!

Photo of woman sipping coffee with flags waving on Capitol Hill in the background. "I like my coffee with cream and my politics with optimism." Coffee Party USA.

Coffee Party USA is a grassroots, transpartisan movement that aims to restore the principles of our republic and the spirit of representative democracy in America. It started on Facebook as a popular fan page in January 2010.

Sign Our Civility Pledge

Here in America, we all want what’s best for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, and our world. Yet we struggle to come together, even on goals that we share. That’s why we, at Coffee Party USA, are working to create spaces where we can all come together, talk, find common ground, and work towards positive change.

This is why we're asking you to join us in signing our Civility Pledge, which reads as follows:

As a member or supporter of Coffee Party USA, I pledge to conduct myself in a way that is civil, honest, and respectful toward people with whom I disagree. I value people from different cultures, I value people with different ideas, and I value and cherish the democratic process.

Since 2010, Coffee Party USA has been a volunteer-run national organization with a network of nearly a million people. 

In the summer of 2021, our board voted for Coffee Party USA to continue our efforts going forward under the umbrella of our partners at the Bridge Alliance Education Fund (BAEF). And here's some even better news: Since the Bridge Alliance Education Fund is a 501(c)3, your donations are now tax-deductible.


Featured Image: Foreground - Petr Kratochvil PublicDomainPictures.Net | Background - CC by NC 2.0 Jeff Myers Flickr.com.