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Volunteer of the Month (March 2016)

Volunteer of the Month

Ellen Fuller

Ellen Fuller Strategy and Implementation Work Group

Our volunteer of the month is Ellen Fuller.  Ellen is from Corvallis, Oregon  and is the Work Group Chair for the Accounting/Legal Work Group.

Ellen has been volunteering for the Coffee Party for about three years.  She became interested in the Coffee Party listening to Jeanene Louden’s show on Blog Talk Radio.  Jeanene and Ellen have been friends for many years.  Ellen really enjoys the Blog Talk Radio shows as they increase her knowledge of politics.  She is drawn to the Coffee Party by our Civility Pledge and would love to see our current elections abide by our pledge.

When Jeanene Louden took over as Treasurer, she asked Ellen for help.  Working in the Accounting/Legal group, Ellen makes sure things are properly entered in the ledger and that banks statements are reconciled.  Ellen’s favorite project was an in-house review and subsequent organization of everything from Coffee Party day one.   Ellen enjoys looking at procedures and policies and improving upon them as necessary in order to provide accurate and complete financial statements for the Board of Directors.

In general, Ellen enjoys the aspect of giving back as a volunteer and has a long history of volunteering including 15 years in 4-H leadership and 23 years serving on the Board of her son’s childcare.

Ellen has been involved in the financial side of business for most of her career.  She currently works part-time as a bookkeeper for the local art center in Corvallis.  Ellen has owned a full cycle bookkeeping business for 17 years, serving the private sector specializing in government contracting.  

Her past experience in the field is extensive and interesting.  Ellen worked with the EPA for 19 years in various positions ranging from bench technician to contract administration.  

One of her most interesting jobs was as a site manager for a business incubator that provided facilities and services for start-up businesses.  It also networked with other services to help tutor new business owners. Ellen enjoyed watching people develop and grow their ideas as they learned about running a business.

When not working, Ellen likes photography, travel, DIY projects, reading and spending time with family and friends.  Ellen loved traveling through Europe, but one of her most memorable trips was driving with her son’s fiance from Vancouver Island, BC Alaska to meet up with her son in the Coast Guard.  It really gave her a perspective on what Mother Nature is all about and how, especially when it’s cold, it can be unforgiving if you take it for granted.

(To find out more about the Coffee Party Volunteer program, go to www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer)