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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 15 Number 12

President's Column

Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Stewards for Dialogue...and Peace

My working life is dedicated to bringing people of various backgrounds and experiences together to have meaningful conversations. For me, this is my contribution to our country, because I see the possibility of responsible governance where people are nice to each other. People who like each other are more likely to be respectful. I’ve experienced and witnessed the transformational power of dialogue..where people learn to like one another. And I’ve also experienced resistance from people who don’t see the value or are afraid to talk with people who are different from themselves. Using my Superpower of Curiosity, I started looking for the bridge to help us connect.

In my research, I’ve discovered .... [more]

A Message To Our Members

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

It is a privilege to serve on the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors.  Never have I seen a group of people express divergent opinions in such a civil and contructive manner.  It is quite remarkable and, to be a part of it, has been an opportunity for me to expand my thoughts.

One of the recent issues we've discussed his how to regard and respond to the many emails and voice mails we receive.  Some suggest we should have a form letter replying “Thank you for sharing your thoughts.”  It would have been quick.  It would have worked,  It would have been horribly wrong.


Would you like to volunteer?


Charlie Tucker, Coffee Party USA Newsroom Volunteer

We have chosen to use a section of the newsletter each month to tell you about our different volunteer opportunities in the Coffee Party. It’s your chance to make a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities and this month I’ve decided to start with the group I started with and that would be the Newsroom. [more]

YES! Membership is power

Membership is power

Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer


If you are a member of Coffee Party USA, thank you. Our all- volunteer, grassroots movement operates solely on the generosity of people like you: no big money, no sugar daddy, just good people like yourself.

If you are considering becoming a member, please join now. [more]


Board Development Group Report


 Leah Spitzer, Board Development Work Group Chair

Coffee Party USA is a volunteer driven organization and our leaders come out of the volunteer workforce.  If you would like to be a part of our work, consider volunteering with an eye on leadership.  To run for our Board of Directors in 2016, you must be an active member of a workgroup by Jan 1, 2016.  To volunteer, go to www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer.

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Welcome to the new volunteers to our growing news group team

Egberto Willies Coffee Party Director, Newsroom

Our newsroom is fulfilling its mission. We are using our main Facebook page as well as our regional pages to promote news and the voices of many who generally go unheard or unnoticed. 

If you have a story that you think should be of national or regional importance, a messeage that the Traditional Mainstream Media is not covering or not covering appropriately, we want to hear about it. Our system will only be reformed when all voices are allowed in the national debate.

Two new shows added to the Coffee Party Radio lineup

Bobby Rodrigo, Coffee Party USA Director of Internet Infrastructure

One of the best parts of what we do at the Coffee Party is to introduce to the public new ideas, new people and new ways to communicate.  Coffee Party Radio with its diverse and informative lineup is now expanding even further.  Lunch with Louden, which broadcasts every Thursday at noon Pacific has some new friends joining it.  First, Jeanene welcomed new co-host Loki King to her show and the response has been fantastic.  Now, Mark Gilbert and his new show "Conscious Bridge Radio" joins Lunch with Louden and twice a month Living Room Conversations takes over.  Rounding out a new expanded Lunch with Louden, offering the Coffee Party USA audience unique and diverse perspectives on information and dialog with a view to making our society a better place. [more]

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Upcoming Coffee Party USA Events!

Mark Gilbert, Coffee Party Director of Campaigns and Actions

Intersection of Faith and Politics Explored

Did you watch the recent special 7 night program Belief presented by Oprah's TV network? For those of us who did, we encountered beautiful stories of how the human spirit is called to make meaning of existence and how our individual unique beliefs about life can guide our outward expression.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the expression of our political beliefs and actions. It was this intersection of our inner faith and our outer politics that was explored by small groups of members of the Coffee Party USA recently. The dialogue was rich and the insights deep.

For those of you who were unable to participate in one of our small group discussions, we will be presenting a special recording of one of those sessions via a Blogtalkradio program on the evening of November 4 at 8:30pm (eastern time). The program will be archived after that for your listening at anytime.

We encourage you to listen in....and then to consider how does your faith define your political world?

To find out more about the program and to link to the recording, click here: http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/faith_and_politics


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