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Charlie Tucker, Coffee Party USA Newsroom Volunteer

We have chosen to use a section of the newsletter each month to tell you about our different volunteer opportunities in the Coffee Party. It’s your chance to make a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities and this month I’ve decided to start with the group I started with and that would be the Newsroom.

What I  do everyday is go through news articles and find things we feel would be of interest  to Coffee Partiers and what we feel other people in would be interested in knowing.  Some of the volunteers are also bloggers that post original content for review and approval and then those are posted to our Facebook pages.

The Newsroom is responsible for generating and distributing content mostly relevant in some manner to our core values throughout all of the CPUSA properties that comprise, but are not limited to, our main Facebook page, regional pages, issue pages, and and CPUSA blogs on our main and alternate websites. This group is also  responsible for moderating our Facebook page.

If you love journalism, fact-checking and bringing awareness to the issues, this is the group to join. If you fancy yourself a writer and have something to say about American politics or society and can do so civility then you can and are encouraged to submit blogs for publication on our website and Facebook pages.

Our volunteers join weekly teleconference calls and meet up between calls in the dedicated Facebook Pages to discuss how things are going and have a chance to meet and talk to other group members and volunteers.

Having a chance to get involved in the political process and have your voice heard is what we strive for here at the Coffee Party. We want to civilly engage others in the most important issues of our time. The more people we have the louder our voice becomes. This is our ultimate goal, is to have a voice that can be heard by our politicians. We know from history that a small organized band of citizens can affect change.

We can do it, but we need your help. So sign up today at www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer  and be on your way to becoming an activist.