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An Internal Discussion About Communications

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

It is a privilege to serve on the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors.  Never have I seen a group of people express divergent opinions in such a civil and contructive manner.  It is quite remarkable and, to be a part of it, has been an opportunity for me to expand my thoughts.

One of the recent issues we've discussed his how to regard and respond to the many emails and voice mails we receive.  Some suggest we should have a form letter replying “Thank you for sharing your thoughts.”  It would have been quick.  It would have worked,  It would have been horribly wrong.

We discussed it.  We weighed the various merits of saving time from our busy schedules.  We considered the uneven quality of the mail we receive.  We finally settled that answering as many quality inquiries as possible is the right thing to do.

If someone is sincere enough to make a civil inquiry about our policies, our positions, our objectives, or our plans, then that person deserves an equally thoughtful response.  Our hope is that the response begins a dialogue and encourages people to join us, be active in civic engagement, and help grow our mission.  It takes quite a bit of time but you, the member, the reader, the listener, and the citizen should have that right from us and every elected official accountable to you.  That letter you write deserves a response and, if anyone discounts you by giving you a form letter or no answer, then demand better.  Get loud and get active.  Do your research and hold the facts in front of everyone until you get the consideration you've earned.

So, please, write to us, call us, or email.  Get the response that continues the dialogue. If you value civil dialogue, then join the Coffee Party USA and be a part of the revolution – the revolution of holding our politicians accountable.