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Two new shows added to the Coffee Party Radio lineup

Bobby Rodrigo, Coffee Party USA Director of Internet Infrastructure

One of the best parts of what we do at the Coffee Party is to introduce to the public new ideas, new people and new ways to communicate.  Coffee Party Radio with its diverse and informative lineup is now expanding even further.  Lunch with Louden, which broadcasts every Thursday at noon Pacific has some new friends joining it.  First, Jeanene welcomed new co-host Loki King to her show and the response has been fantastic.  Now, Mark Gilbert and his new show "Conscious Bridge Radio" joins Lunch with Louden and twice a month Living Room Conversations takes over.  Rounding out a new expanded Lunch with Louden, offering the Coffee Party USA audience unique and diverse perspectives on information and dialog with a view to making our society a better place. 

Mark Gilbert, my fellow board member, is a wonderful spiritual man and like all of us at Coffee Party USA, his spirituality is inclusive not exclusive.  His writings, seen every Monday at 7:00 AM Eastern on the main Coffee Party Facebook page, as well as on his own website, brings about a positive display of how a person's own spiritual path opens doors for discussion instead of accusation and attack. 

Living Room Conversations expands discussion in the "coffee party" way.  It also takes "conversation" to another level. LRC is modeled to remind us what it meant when we use to listen to each other instead of speaking at each other.  In a polarized society which includes a dysfunctional political climate, a mainstream media that enhances it, and, communities that are lost in it, LRC guides us back to the place where we listen to our neighbors no matter who they vote for.

We will be introducing a new Coffee Party Radio show next Wednesday November 11.  Stay tuned!!