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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 16 Number 5

President's Column

Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

55,000 People Have a Conversation

To be precise, there were over 3500 conversations, involving 55,000 people.  All on one day, in and around Chicago.  Wow. I was an invited guest...along with another 60 or so people from around the country.  Our mission?  To witness the event and learn how it was done. It got me thinking...what if the entire country could be invited to have a conversation about what matters most to them?    [more]

A Message To Our Members

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

One Monday, the Associated Press counted unelected super delegates, added them to the delegates generated by the primary process, and declared Hillary Clinton the ‚Äúpresumptive‚ÄĚ nominee for the Democratic Party to run for President.¬† It was blatantly inappropriate because the regular delegate count (those elected by the people) was relatively close with seven states and the District of Columbia about to hold their primaries.¬† During the entire primary season, the media showed Hillary's delegate count vastly exceeding Bernie's because the media included legally-unbound super delegates in Hillary's count.¬† Despite Bernie's surging appeal, he was always fighting from a 700 delegate hole.¬†[more]

 Volunteer of the month


 Volunteer of the Month: Robin Thompson

This month’s Coffee Party Volunteer of the Month is Robin Thompson.  As an American living in Calgary, Canada, Robin has a unique perspective on American politics  Watching both the news from the U.S. and Canada makes it easier for her to compare and contrast what is happening in the United States with what is happening in Canada. [more]

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Remember to vote

Jeanene Louden

Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer


Voting Members! The annual election for members of the Board of Directors is later this month (June 21- 25). Watch for email with the subject: "Coffee Party VOTE". New Directors will be seated in July. CoffeePartyON! [more]

Wear Your Civility! Coffee Party Lapel Pins!

Mark Gilbert, Coffee Party Director of Campaigns and Actions

Here's a great way to show your support for the Coffee Party and spark some conversation at the same time ---the new Coffee Party USA lapel pins are now available! And although we call them "lapel pins", you can wear them on most clothing items and constantly bring attention to our cause of "inciting civility and reason".


These pins feature our distinctive coffee cup logo on an epoxy dome on stainless steel base. The pin attaches to your clothes with a butterfly clutch. These pins are available for a $20 donation and the cost includes all shipping charges. Get yours now at https://coffeepartyusa.nationbuilder.com/lapelpin

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Coffee Party USA joins with Stamp Stampede to stamp money out of politics


Vince Lamb, Coffee Party Director of Partnerships

Campaign finance reform and corporate reform are serious issues, but that doesn't mean that members and supporters of the Coffee Party can't have fun while working to "pass campaign finance laws that limit the impact of special interest groups such as corporations, major political parties, and lobbyists" and affirm that "Corporations are not people, but consist of people" as the Coffee Party's own goals declare. To that end, Coffee Party USA is partnering with Stamp Stampede to "stamp money out of politics." [more]

 Volunteering for the Coffee Party


Leah Spitzer, Volunteer Coordinator

Coffee Party USA is a volunteer-driven organization and our leaders come out of the volunteer workforce.  If you would like to be a part of our work, consider volunteering!   Please join us at www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer.

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