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Volunteer of the Month: Robin Thompson


 Volunteer of the Month: Robin Thompson

by Janet Bass

This month’s Coffee Party Volunteer of the Month is Robin Thompson.  As an American living in Calgary, Canada, Robin has a unique perspective on American politics  Watching both the news from the U.S. and Canada makes it easier for her to compare and contrast what is happening in the United States with what is happening in Canada.

Robin first learned of the Coffee Party when friends posted articles and links from the Coffee Party on her Facebook feed.  She liked what she saw and started sharing the posts with her friends.  About six  months ago, Robin started looking into the Coffee Party, liked what she saw and quickly found out that they needed volunteers.  Raised with the belief that one should always volunteer where needed, she got in touch with Leah Spitzer, our Volunteer Coordinator.   Robin has been volunteering whenever and wherever anyone needs her in the Newsroom Group ever since.  Usually a local community volunteer, volunteering in the Coffee Party is an opportunity for her to make a difference nationally.

Most of Robin’s work with the Newsroom Group of Coffee Party involves finding news for posting on the Coffee Party Facebook page.  Robin actively looks for news that speaks to the Coffee Party End State Goals.  She also writes blogs for the Coffee Party regarding issues which she feels need attention.  Robin will soon begin training as a moderator for the Coffee Party Facebook Page.

Robin gives three answers when talking about her favorite aspects of the Coffee Party. First, she loves actively analyzing what is going on in the United States with an eye toward civility and discourse.  Second, she is excited about being able to take part in the Coffee Party Movement which she feels is making a difference in the U.S.  Lastly, Robin has met some very interesting people and fostered friendships through the Coffee Party and through the Facebook pages.

In her own words, “This is such an important year to promote civil discourse in politics.  It could not be a more important time, with the rise of the Trump and the Cruz followers, and the active propagation of hate as a tool to attract voters.”

When she is not volunteering for the Coffee Party Newsroom Group, Robin has her own company as a writer, editor and graphic design.  She is also active in her own community in Calgary and in Democrats Abroad, which has a small local presence.  Right now her main outlet for volunteering is the with the Coffee Party, and impacting Living Room Conversations.

Robin especially enjoys gardening, and thanks to global warming (note the sarcasm), her growing zone has changed to a warmer climate so she is able to plant many types of flowers this year that she would not have been able to grow previously and hopes to spend as much time outside in the garden as possible this year.