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Vote Anyway Campaign


The political events of the last year left many feeling adrift. Some want to give up on voting given the mischief, vitriol, and spin everywhere. We must not surrender.

#VoteAnyway is the Coffee Party USA campaign to encourage all citizens to vote. The change you seek begins with your vote. Your support is essential to others who have risked themselves to represent you from local to state to federal offices. Your voice and your vote matter.

Help us get the vote out!  Share this page, use the hashtag #voteanyway throughout your network (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  Instagram, SnapChat, etc.) Register to vote below. Encourage others to register. Visit and share this page frequently as we add more.

If you would like to share this message while you support our cause, check out the #VoteAnyway bumper sticker. During the month of September we will send you a free bumper sticker if you:

  • Send an email or a blog post link telling us why you will vote to [email protected]. We will post your letter here.