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 Bobby Rodrigo

 by Bobby Rodrigo, Coffee Party USA Director of Internet Infrastructure

Activism is very tough.  I would debate that it is one of the hardest choices a person makes because disappointment is so prominent.  On the flip side often one will meet and work with fantastic people.  People,  who believe that paying attention to the issues of today and, helping others, is important.   Recently, I have had both accomplishment and a chance to again work with good people. It was a good month. 

I am charged with overseeing and improving Coffee Party USA’s Internet Infrastructure.  This responsibility covers a vast amount of subjects. Coffee Party USA is a large grassroots organization with many partnerships and members, which includes a large social media presence.  Branding, promotion, expanding resources, making sure everything works in the IT world, design, communication and so on are some of the matters I work to improve. 

When I went to work on launching a new website template and format I was fortunate to be assisted by the Solutions Institute (SI).  The Solutions Institute is an activist consulting and think tank organization.  The brain child of Dan Johnson, who founded PANDA (People Against The NDAA), SI has an extensive amount of resources and perhaps the strongest group of advisors ever assembled in the activist consulting world. 

When Coffee Party needed help, SI was there.  When I needed help, SI was there.  CPUSA President Debilyn Molineaux and Director Egberto Willies participated in SI’s Activist Training Conference I and II respectively. I am sure the CPUSA and SI will continue to work together in the future. 


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If you are and activist or an activist organization of any type and are looking for ways to improve you message, reach, or branding reach out to the Solutions Institute (http://solutions-institute.org).

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