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How Will Coffee Party Meet It’s Goals?

 Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

The Coffee Party was inspired to be a place where people from all perspectives can share their ideas, hopes and dreams and have them received with respect, compassion and reason. We see that the desire to 'be right' has led to a competitive and then vilifying culture where we are at war with the “other half” of the country. The founders of Coffee Party believed we could uphold the ideals of our country and turn towards one another to find common ground and build our future. Based on that inspiration, the Coffee Party has taken positions on three issues; campaign finance, Wall Street and tax reform. These have been the primary mechanisms used to 'divide and conquer' the populace so we spend time fighting with each other instead of staying engaged in the governance of our communities, states and country.

As part of our way to build relationships with each other, we developed the civility pledge, which we now require all volunteers to sign. It is our code of conduct. We do not ask anyone to give up their beliefs or ideology. We do ask that people listen respectfully and respond with dignity. That may be expressed by comparing facts, an outpouring of compassion or simply an agreement to disagree. Is this idealistic? Yes, of course. We seek to practice and reward the higher road because, frankly, the lower road is filled with bodies and excrement; an unpleasant place to travel. Coffee Party is a place of peace...where we recognize each other through a humanitarian lens. Again...without giving up our own identity. Being righteous is like being addicted to our own opinion. It closes our ears and our hearts to another person's experience.

So...how do we accomplish our mission? We do so by building strong bonds with each other that cannot be distracted by the point-scoring, I'm right and “they” are stupid narrative. We become engaged with our elected officials and recruit our friends and neighbors to be involved also. We host civil conversations to learn the hopes of others and jointly create our future to include the hopes of all. When I ran for public office, I asked people what they wanted for their lives. Regardless of party, people wanted a way to earn a living, a safe neighborhood and to leave more opportunity for their children than they had themselves. It is said the devil is in the details, and it is. While some people see our system and point to corporations as the problem, others point to the government. Yet other perspectives will point to voter apathy or oligarchic interests. Regardless of our personal perspectives, it is our duty to find the piece of the solution that “they” hold and incorporate it into our collective future.

Coffee Party is also about providing a forum for those multiple perspectives. Some perspectives we will love and some we will hate. Respect is a muscle that requires exercise. Let’s work out together… and Coffee Party ON!


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