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Our Potential To Make A Difference

Tim Danahey

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

The Coffee Party USA is well-versed on national issues.  We are networked with multiple organizations and stay on top of breaking national stories and issues.  The Coffee Party USA's newsroom is a group of sharp, observant, and intelligent people who filter many news sources to identify and post information that gets to the hearts of these issues.  Our radio and media network is growing and presents national figures and conversations you won't hear elsewhere.

Our numbers continue to grow and, as they grow, increasing numbers of members are becoming volunteers.  The volunteers are organizing into teams that specialize in national issues important to them and then they report back to the Coffee Party USA.

It's amazing to watch this unfold but the potential to make a difference has just scratched the surface.  Our members, volunteers, and followers are in all fifty states.  We are re-organizing new chapters in states and cities where authorized local Coffee Party USA communities can meet, discuss national issues, learn about local issues, and empower participants to get involved.   Meanwhile, each community can network back to the Coffee Party USA where people with specialized knowledge or skills can offer support to increase effectiveness.

Imagine if the recent religious law enacted by Indiana's government was able to access the national dissent and activism of all Coffee Party USA members.  The communications to Governor Pence, who admits he's confused by the uproar, could help him understand the consequences of selectively legislating religious intolerance.  Communication could be promises to fill up with gas or stay in hotels in Illinois or Ohio when travelling across country.  Indiana politicians could be copied in correspondence to companies where Indiana products can be avoided.  You get the idea.  Many raindrops fill an ocean.  Ask underperforming Wisconsin and Governor Walker.

Following local issues, suggesting plans of action, and engaging national support of Coffee Party USA members offers a tremendous potential to make a difference in communities across America.  This is why we are proud to have you as dues-paying active members.