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The Superpower of Respect

How do you “Coffee Party?”  After all, Coffee Party is more than a great group of people, it is the actions we take and our relationships with each other that help heal the divisiveness in our country. So what I’m really asking, is how do you enact the Coffee Party core values in your day-to-day life?  

On a recent day in San Francisco, at an event sponsored by the World Affairs Council, I shared one of my favorite ways “to Coffee Party,” the Superpower of Respect; an aspect of the core value of civility. Often, our work of communicating and seeking common ground seems challenging or even impossible. We all use many justifications to be disrespectful, which is a short step from dehumanized. Regardless of the many differences we have, we all deserve to be treated with respect and honor the dignity of our common humanity.

Please watch the video to hear more of my personal journey into respect. In the video, I outline four ways to increase respect within our lives and therefore the world. I base these steps on the knowledge that we cannot change someone else, only ourselves.

The Four Steps to Unleashing Your Superpower of Respect

  1. Decide to be respectful and tell someone who can call you out.

  2. Observe your thoughts; they inform your behavior.

  3. Listen for common ground and interests.

  4. Celebrate great conversations. We need more of them!

 Other transpartisan leaders shared their aspirational stories and practices. You can find those videos here.


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