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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 15 Number 05



Coffee Party USA Newsletter

March 9th, 2015

Volume 15, Number 5





Radio Shows Schedules

  • Lunch with Louden with Jeanene Louden [more]
  • Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies [more]
  • I take Liberty with my Coffee with Bobby Rodrigo [more]
  • The Tim Danahey Show [more]











President's Column - 2015 Newsletter

by Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Debilyn Molineaux

The Superpower of Respect

How do you “Coffee Party?”  After all, Coffee Party is more than a great group of people, it is the actions we take and our relationships with each other that help heal the divisiveness in our country. So what I’m really asking, is how do you enact the Coffee Party core values in your day-to-day life? [more]

A message to our members

 by Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations


Free Speech Drives Me crazy

The Coffee Party received a well-written and concise letter from one of our members who was concerned about the “outrageous” postings in our social media from one of our newsroom volunteers. The letter was complimentary of the Coffee Party principles and our objectives but stated some of the postings were beyond our standards as “the voice of reason”.

The letter was so nice and so articulate that I'd love to have the writer as a neighbor. We'd be having coffee and solving the world's problems on each other's back porch on a regular basis. [more]

Elections reminder!

 by Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer

Jeanene Louden

Elections for four seats on the Board of Directors is scheduled for June 21-25, 2015.

There are a couple other dates to remember.

March 31, 2015 - last day to become a member if you want to:

  • apply to be on the Elections Committee;

  • run for office; or

  • vote in the election.

March 31st - last day to volunteer for a work group if you want to run for office.

April 15th - applications to run for office are due April 15, 2015

Get all the information about the upcoming elections .

Engage with Coffee Party through our Book Club 

 by Billy Sears, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement.


Join The Coffee Party Book Club with our latest Book Club installment!

This month, the Coffee Party’s book club looks at the new book The Stronghold: How Republicans Captured Congress but Surrendered the White House by University of Maryland professor Thomas Schaller.. [more]

Help Coffee Party USA accomplish our collective goals.

2015 is turning out to be a banner year for Coffee Party USA. We are growing our membership. We are teaming up with other organizations to promote good government by holding politicians accountable.

This year we have increased our reach by several million per week. This affords us a very large base to get our message out. It provides us the type of access necessary to a segment of the population when mobilization is in order. We played our part in the Net Neutrality movement both with original writing from our bloggers as well as through teaming up with other organizations to promote petitions. And guess what. We won.

There will be many other actions specific and transpartisan. Join our (your) movement. Together we will change America. But it starts with you.  [more]


Sincere Differences Discussed Sincerely

by Charlotte Vaughan Coyle

A long-time good friend and I are having an ongoing cyberspace discussion about same sex marriage. We both are Christians but he’s pretty conservative and I am not. I’m all for it and he certainly is not. We both are smart, articulate and thoughtful. And we both love each other. I’m guessing neither one of us will change our mind, but – as he says – we are discussing our sincere differences sincerely. And we both are better for it.. [more]


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