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A message Coffee Party Board Director for Public and Member Relations

To All Coffee Party Members and Friends,

This opening article is written on election day prior to the reporting of election results.  There are no victories to celebrate and no losses to mourn.   There is no angst over the future of this country and there is no presumption of a political agenda to advance.

There is no claim to a “mandate” and there is no assurance that the majority has spoken.

No matter which politicians have been elected to office, the fact remains the people must resolve to stay focused on the issues and processes of governance.  The people must hold their local, state, and Federal representatives accountable by listening to and learning the issues, asking questions, writing to their politicians, and sharing thoughts with fellow citizens.

There has been a tendency to believe favorable politicians have things “under control” and unfavorable politicians make a mockery of governance.  Either belief somehow justifies an excuse that system is corrupt, that my vote didn't count, and getting involved doesn't matter.

Those are the beliefs of losers with “losers” being defined as those who would allow our great nation's principles to erode and atrophy under the disease of special interests.  Losers who believe financial institutions, amoral retailers, lazy internet service providers, and other industries should be allowed to use corporate influence to nuance the tax code for their benefit, to ransom communities for subsidies, and legislatively protect themselves from competition, environmental regulation, and limits to rapacious exploitation of the powerless.  Losers who don't value election rights and safeguards.

That may be the rationalizations of “losers” but it is not the creed of the Coffee Party USA.  No matter what the elections results may be, we will continue to shine small lights on local and national issues with the intent that many small lights will amass to a heat and intensity that make our politicians sweat under its glare.

Thomas Jefferson said the success of our government depends upon the informed consent of our people.  We have given our consent but it was not informed.  We assumed and we trusted the wonderful system developed by the Founding Fathers and written into our Constitution and Bill of Rights would allow the people to have a nation that could be run without diligence or accountability.

We were wrong.  Our nation needs its citizens to be educated, to be expressive, and to be active.  Our nation needs us now and the Coffee Party USA will be there to do our part.

We will politely and civilly present issues, encourage discussion, and provide guidance that allows citizens to be active with their government – to hold our government accountable to its people.  We will gather information and share it with members and friends in all fifty states.  We will take action.  It will be informed.  It will be consistent. It will be effective. It will be all of us.

Gandhi once said, “Be truthful. Be gentle. Be fearless.”  And so we shall.

Join us. Now.

Tim Danahey

Board Director for Public and Member Relations

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