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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 14 Number 02


Coffee Party USA Newsletter

November 18, 2014

Volume 14, Number 2





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Coffee Party Monthly Events...starting in January 2015!

by Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Debilyn_Molineaux_(490_X_490).jpgFor the last three weeks, a new committee has met to establish monthly events for Coffee Party members and supporters. The committee meets Sundays at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT. If you'd like to join us to assist with monthly event coordination, please sign up at www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer.

Over the last couple of years, Coffee Party’s online presence  has grown larger than it has ever been. Many of our members and supporters have expressed interest in getting together in person, while others want to be more engaged on a national level.  With the help of our volunteer force, we can begin to provide regular events to inspire people to either get together in person or take actions on a national level as Coffee Party USA.  Our goal is to create engaging monthly event possibilities for both community and national level. While we are getting together, in person and online, we are strengthening our relationships and ability to work together.  [more]

A message to our members  

by Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director for Public and Member Relations

To All Coffee Party Members and Friends,

Tim_Danahey.jpgThis opening article is written on election day prior to the reporting of election results.  There are no victories to celebrate and no losses to mourn.   There is no angst over the future of this country and there is no presumption of a political agenda to advance.

There is no claim to a ‚Äúmandate‚ÄĚ and there is no assurance that the majority has spoken.

No matter which politicians have been elected to office, the fact remains the people must resolve to stay focused on the issues and processes of governance.  The people must hold their local, state, and Federal representatives accountable by listening to and learning the issues, asking questions, writing to their politicians, and sharing thoughts with fellow citizens.

There has been a tendency to believe favorable politicians have things ‚Äúunder control‚ÄĚ and unfavorable politicians make a mockery of governance.¬† Either belief somehow justifies an excuse that system is corrupt, that my vote didn't count, and getting involved doesn't matter. [more]


Are government economic statistics reliable?

Read this interesting article about how people distrust economic data depending upon their politics.  It also explains some the techniques the government uses to gather data and whether some may actually be corrupted.   The most fascinating insight is the quote by hedge fund billionaire, Paul Singer (the man trying to profit by forcing Argentina into economic default and a major Republican donor).  His analysis that inflation numbers are faked because they understate the costs for the wealthy because things like luxury real estate and art have increased far more than the price of goods purchased by the middle class.  Rather than ascribe inflation for the wealthy as due to greater amounts of discretionary cash accumulating to wealthy people vying for fixed amounts of luxury real estate and art, he blames bad government statistics.  [more]

Interesting trends in the media

Conservatives and liberals have far different ideas about trusting news sources.  Fox News is considered the only source of news by 47% of conservative respondents to a Pew Research project.  11% of conservatives list local radio as their most trustworthy news source.  Meanwhile liberals' most trusted news source is CNN (15%) but liberals tend to average over five news sources when forming their opinions.  It's an interesting dichotomy.  Read for yourself. [more]

The people are marching but the media isn't reporting

Did you hear how 100,000 people marched last month in Brussels to protest austerity?  Me neither.  How about in January when 400,000 Israelis marched and forced the government to break up their large corporations because the corporations were too powerful?  Me neither.  The people have arisen in countries all over the world but the stories don't get reported.  Read this story from Brussels. [more]


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