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Want to Get Together For Coffee?

But I digress.  I was trying to point out that when we say “incite civility and reason” we don’t mean commiserating in a bubble of like-minded people or trying to convince other people that you are on the right side of justice.  Incite civility and justice by being compassionate and honest. Incite civility and reason by having a cup of coffee and discussing the events around you with other people. You don’t need to seek out a person with a certain profile.  You simply need to find another human being who enjoys having a drink with you (I recommend coffee, but it could be any beverage) and talk to each other.

To that end, Coffee Party USA wants to start hosting coffee parties in your community.  For every $10,000 we raise, we will be able to host a coffee party in-person. The more we raise, the more coffee parties we can host.

Donating is easy, just click .

If you happen to work for one of those big corporate coffee companies and that company wants to donate coffee, space, or money, please let us know.

In the meantime, please email pictures of you having a cup of coffee with other people.  Send your photos to [email protected] and we will post them on our Instagram page. Feel free to share your photos in our Facebook members-only group and use #coffeepartyusa.

Coffee Party On, my friends!

Heather Prabish, Coffee Party USA President

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