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Volunteer of the month: Jane Colgan

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Jane Colgan

Volunteer of the month:  Jane Colgan

We have chosen to use a section of the newsletter each month to tell you about our different volunteer opportunities in the Coffee Party and introduce some of many volunteers. It’s your chance to make a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities and this month we’re going to introduce you to one of our wonderful volunteers. Without volunteers,  we would get very little done.

So let’s dive right in and I will tell you about one of  our volunteers here at the Coffee Party. Her name is Jane Colgan and Jane lives in the frosty suburbs of Detroit. A native of the Big Apple, Jane doesn’t seem to mind the brisk winters and loves the seasons.

Jane became attracted to the Coffee Party while working with the League of Women Voters where a friend was following our page and liking our message. She likes the transpartisanship and symbolistic aspect of civility and reason. Jane became more and more involved as she read what we, at Coffee Party,  are trying to do: bring civility into politics to better our country and planet.

Currently Jane is working in the Campaigns and Actions group,  which is responsible for member involvement in campaigns that meet our end state goals. She enjoys the involvement and being able to participate and have  her voice heard. Her favorite thing thus far in her time volunteering is her involvement on the Board Development Group, affectionately know as our Leadership Work Group and is responsible for overseeing elections, helping to recruit and provide orientation for our Board members.

Jane loves to spend her spare time playing with her Boxer, Chance, and, of course, spoiling her grandchildren. Like the other volunteers I’ve had a chance to speak to, Jane is yet another example of the nice down to earth people we tend to attract here at the Coffee Party. So if you want have you voice heard and try to make a difference, come join us!

by Charlie Tucker