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Volunteer of the Month (February 2016)

Tom Watford

Kevin Watford Strategy and Implementation Work Group

We would like you to meet the Coffee Party Volunteer of the Month, Kevin Watford!  Living in Chicago, Illinois, Kevin volunteers in the Strategy and Implementation Work Group, where his skill set from his career in software project management fits well with the needs of this work group.

Kevin works with the other members of the Strategy and Implementation Group to help define the direction of the Coffee Party: fleshing out the long term strategy and goals of the Coffee Party for recommendation to the Board of Directors, building a path for communication between  different Work Groups, and assisting in designing process and implementation where needed. Kevin also helped the Strategy and Implementation Work Group to develop an  “elevator pitch”: the short response  that can be used by the board members and other volunteers to deliver a consistent response to inquiries regarding the strategy and objectives of the Coffee Party.

So far, Kevin’s favorite project has been helping to to develop  the overall strategic goals and values of the Coffee Party, setting the foundation for everything else the Coffee Party does.

These written goals can help guide  the Coffee Party to prioritize those projects that align closest with the mission of the Coffee Party.  Kevin appreciates that the written strategy and goals can be used as a “litmus” test to make certain that the money and resources of the Coffee Party are used to the best advantage.

Kevin first heard about the Coffee Party around March of 2015, although at the time he was not looking to get involved with a political group.  Soon he realized that he did not want to simply sit in an armchair and be just one more critic.  As Kevin stated it, “our country needs people to put in the time and effort to help an organization make things better.”  He began looking for an organization that didn’t promote a certain set of values but instead, promoted discussion among a wide range of viewpoints.  Believing that disagreements are healthy, as long as those disagreements are discussed and a decision on the issue ultimately emerges from the discussion, Kevin found that the Coffee Party fit the bill.  He also appreciated that the Coffee Party took a stand on issues that he cared about, such as money in politics and ensuring that all people have equal access to elections.

Between work and volunteering with the Strategy and Implementation Work Group, you wouldn’t think that Kevin has time for much else.  But believe it or not, Kevin also volunteers with the Board Development Work Group, helping to interview and vet potential Coffee Party board members.

When not working or volunteering with the Coffee Party, Kevin enjoys keeping up with current events, reading comic books and taking Tesla his two year old Corgi, to sheep herding lessons to learn the skills for which Corgis were bred.