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Volunteer of the Month: Elisabeth Parker


Elisabeth Parker

Originally from New York, Elisabeth Parker has spent time in Boston, San Diego and San Francisco and now resides in Tacoma, Washington with her husband and 14 year old daughter.   Elisabeth met her husband in California, and last year, they moved to Tacoma.  Elisabeth is an artist, a techie, a web designer and a blogger for several online liberal news sites.

Elisabeth joined the Coffee Party in 2014.  She was attracted to our Join The Coffee Party Movement Facebook Page and was drawn to the idea of a safe place where people with different perspectives can meet and have real conversations about the issues.  Elisabeth notes that most of the other pages on Facebook have a lot of trolling and tension and it’s hard to tell who just has a different point of view.  The Coffee Party is a place for everyone  to stay connected as long as they are civil, respectful and thoughtful.  Elisabeth feels that is important during challenging times like these.

Elisabeth is part of our Newsroom work group and as a blogger, this was a great fit for her.

Elisabeth explains that, with the Coffee Party, she is able to share articles written by herself and others that shed light on complicated topics, issues, and challenges that we may face.  Elisabeth loves having this platform and admits that the articles she is most proud of are the ones she shares on our page!

The Newsroom is responsible for providing the content for our Facebook page, both through original content from bloggers and through curating: researching, organizing and collecting articles from other sources.  Elisabeth is impressed with the work of all the volunteers in the Newsroom.  They are creative and passionate about what they do.   The volunteers either write articles or look for and suggest articles on current events or issues of personal interest that also align with Coffee Party’s goals.  They also try to find and post articles that are being overlooked by the main news sources.

Elisabeth really enjoys interacting and working with the volunteers in Newsroom and is also the Newsroom’s Volunteer Liaison and says it is one of her favorite things to do.  Elisabeth helps welcome new volunteers to the Newsroom and helps them learn the ropes with writing ledes (introductions to the articles), understanding what Newsroom is looking for, providing feedback and making sure they are heard. Her favorite newsroom projects have been the Social Media events such as Twitter storms and live debate discussions and hopes we do more in the future.

When not volunteering for the Coffee Party, she likes to spend time with her family.  Elisabeth and her daughter are also artists and her husband is a musician.   Sometimes, Elisabeth will join her husband singing.   Elisabeth also enjoys reading,  going to the ocean or art and music events with the family and watching Supernatural and anime with her daughter.   Her daughter is also learning how to be an activist.

Thank you Elisabeth for all you do for the Coffee Party.  

To find out more about volunteering  for any of our work groups,  go to www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer