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YOU have been Keeping Us Strong for 10 Years

SO … your participation in these efforts is crucial. Your financial support is the lifeblood of this non-profit grassroots movement. We literally cannot do this without you!

Here is our request to you:

  • Become a new member of Coffee Party USA by signing up for monthly recurring payments. $10 a month covers processing fees charged to Coffee Party and helps fund the technologies that allow us to reach thousands of people with the Coffee Party USA mission to “connect and empower communities to reclaim our government for the people.”
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Who should become a member of Coffee Party USA?

Frustrated Conservatives. Coffee Party USA invites discouraged Americans who feel frustrated with the radicalization of Classic Conservatism. Our Coffee Party roots reach deeply into trans-partisan soil and the beginning of this grassroots movement produced a rich fruit of civil conversations and constructive collaborations. Conservative, Liberal, Traditional, Progressive, Republican, Democrat, Independent - our diversity is our strength - but only when we tap into our inherent unity as Americans. Become a Coffee Party member today and help reclaim our government for the people. For ALL the people of this nation that we love.

Frustrated Independents. Coffee Party USA invites voters who are fed up with the bi-partisan bickering in America to join our non-partisan efforts. Coffee Party commits to being trans-partisan as we work together to break down barriers and build bridges between people and communities. Coffee Party holds a 501 c(4) designation that allows us to engage in education that produces active, informed citizens. Become a member of Coffee Party today and help us empower and connect communities across divides.

Frustrated Progressives. Coffee Party USA’s goals lead us to work for solutions that will benefit all people. We continue to advocate for election reforms, tax reforms and environmental protections. We continue to expose corruption, injustice and voter suppression. Coffee Party USA envisions a nation of diverse communities sharing a culture of informed public engagement that sustains a tradition where our solemn duty to vote is the currency of our democracy.

Visit our (NEW, UPDATED!) website to learn more about the ways Coffee Party USA is working for YOU and for America.

  • Explore our recent efforts to recruit Voter Buddies and help Get Out the Vote for the midterms.
  • Read our position papers on tax reform
  • See how new Local Coffee Party Communities are springing up.
  • Participate in our own Coffee Party Talks or engage conversation with the help of one of our many partners: Living Room Conversations.
  • Read and share our Coffee Party USA blogs from our website.

Again - we can't do this without you! Thank you for your support!

Please note: Coffee Party USA is a 501 (c) (4) organization acting as a non-profit, non-partisan social movement that educates the public and encourages civil conversation about the important issues of our society. Donations to Coffee Party USA are not tax deductible.