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Resources for Local Communities

The material contained here is designed to assist our Local Coffee Party USA Community groups.  If you are a Local Community group leader, we encourage you to download the documents shared here and use them with your flourishing group.

Getting Started:

Follow this link to learn more about how the national volunteers can help you get started and get tips on marketing your new group, what to do at the first meeting, and more. 



Coffee Party USA Brochure -- this PDF is a tri-fold brochure which you can print (landscape and double sided) and hand out to explain to individuals just exactly what the Coffee Party is and what its goals are.  There is also an area that you can add your local group information on the back panel.  Click here to open and save.

Coffee Party USA Group Meeting Poster/Flyer -- this PDF is an single sheet with the Coffee Party logo and brief description that you can add your meeting information to for sharing or posting on bulletin boards.  Click here to open and save.

Coffee Party USA Group Discussion Facilitators Guide -- this PDF offers you as a community leader some ideas on how to best facilitate your group.  Click here to open and save.

Coffee Party USA  Guide to Fostering Civil Dialogue -- this PDF offers you a handout that you can use with your community group that gives suggestions and tips on how to best model civil dialogue while discussing sensitive political topics.  Click here to open and save.

Activist Toolkit

Here is a constantly updated library of tools, resources, and databases for every area of activism. On each subpage you will find specific links to online resources which will assist you in legislative research, coalition building, event planning, social media usage, and a lot more.  Click here to go to the Toolkit.




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