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News from the Work Group for Coffee Party Board Development


Charlotte Vaughan Coyle, Coffee Party Board of Director & Secretary

Since the recent elections, Coffee Party USA has been flooded with requests from people who love our country and want to make a difference in our nation. We have welcomed new volunteers in almost every one of our active work groups. What energy we are feeling! If you too are feeling some renewed passion to get more involved, consider joining us in our grassroots movement to build, nurture and connect communities in order to reclaim our government for the people.

Besides our goal of activating more volunteers, Coffee Party USA is also looking for more Directors on our Board. If you are interested in working for a cause that matters, working together with an eclectic mix of invigorating, passionate people, I hope you will consider running for a position on the Board.

In order to even be considered, all applicants must be official members of Coffee Party USA by January 1, 2017. Then members must become involved as volunteers in one of many of our work groups. Getting started as a member and as a volunteer will introduce you more deeply to Coffee Party’s philosophy and practice. These stepping stones may well motivate you to take the next step in 2017 and put your hat in the ring for a place on the Board of Directors. It’s a win-win situation. Coffee Party benefits from your talents and experience and you benefit from being an active participant and partner in this impressive movement.

Follow these links to learn more about Coffee Party USA, our values, goals, and issues.




Follow this link to learn how to become a member.



Follow this link to learn more about how to volunteer.



Follow this link to learn more about the Coffee Party Board of Directors.



If you care about this nation as I do, then actively participating with Coffee Party USA may be an excellent, practical way for you to work together with us for the good of America. 

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