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More "Bilingual" Skills Needed in our Public Conversation

Charlotte Vaughan Coyle talks about her journey from "conservative" to "liberal." Now, understanding and being able to speak the lingo from both sides makes her feel like she is "bilingual."

She says: "Our society is in desperate need of translators and interpreters. We need more bilingual people to be active in the public conversation, finding fresh ways to speak so others can hear. We need more optimistic people who believe in the basic goodness of humanity helping us break down barriers and build bridges..."


I was raised by conservative parents, shaped by fundamentalist churches and immersed in the worldview of the Right for the first 40 years of my life. My journey away from all that took a long time. Finding my way out of the bubble and exposing myself to people who saw the world very differently than I was a challenging and sometimes scary process. But I’m grateful. Both to be where I am today: living with much larger, more nuanced understandings AND to have gone through the process of questioning, growing, learning and changing.

I think of myself as bilingual. I can speak both Liberal and Conservative.

I’m one of countless humans who have made such journeys but it saddens me that many of my fellow Liberals seem to have forgotten their mother tongue. We are people who understand where Conservatives are coming from, not only because we have been there but also because many of our friends and family still live there. Our bilingual skills are desperately needed in these days of rancor and blame. We need to use our ability to understand their world and speak their language so that we can help build more bridges of communication........

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Besides Charlotte's blogs about intersections of faith, culture and politics, she also maintains this Intersections Facebook page that explores those many inter-connections from a variety of perspectives. Charlotte is past president of Coffee Party USA and serves on the Board of Directors.