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“We Appreciate Your Civility” Hashtag Campaign


Join with Coffee Party USA to promote and applaud civil discourse when you see it.  The Coffee Party’s slogan is “Incite Civility and Reason”, and they want you to help them congratulate those persons who exemplify that behavior in their tweets, postings, and conversations.  The idea behind the Hashtag Campaign is for you to use to not only show your appreciation for civil dialogue, but to provide information about the Coffee Party to those members of the public who have not had the privilege of joining our ranks. 

The campaign is easy.  Whenever you come across someone who speaks civilly in their tweets or postings, tell them how much you appreciate it, and use one of the following hashtags in your reply: 



 By using the hashtags, we can see how many people actually participate in civil dialogue, and use that information to promote the ideals behind the Coffee Party. 

Also, so that you can show them where your political heart lies, use the link “CoffeePartyUSA” (www.coffeepartyusa.com) in your post, so others can visit our pages, and read about who we are.  You might actually recruit a new member to our cause. 

Examples of commentary you can use to reply to the person who used civility in their postings are (feel free to copy!):


“Thank you for your insight on this subject.  I especially appreciate the civil tone you used in your (reply) (posting).  It’s nice to hear someone present their thoughts in an articulate and non-threatening manner.  This hashtag is to commend you for doing a great job.  I hope to hear more civil discourse from you in future postings.#incitecivility  CoffeePartyUSA”. 

“Thank you for your civil commentary on this subject.  Although I may not agree with your opinion, I respect your right to present it, and appreciate you doing so in a civil and respectful manner.  This hashtag is to commend you for your courtesy #coffeepartyon.CoffeePartyUSA”. 

“I’m giving you this coffee badge because I really appreciate you keeping this conversation civil and respectful!” (note if using Facebook, you can click on the smiley face icon in the bottom right of the comment box and choose to post a sticker. #coffeepartyon (type “coffee” and select the sticker you like best) CoffeePartyUSA

 “We need more dialogue like this where reason and civility are used instead of name-calling or bashing. Thank you! #incitecivility CoffeePartyUSA 

“I like the balanced views presented and respect shown to all sides of the issue.  We need more of this!  #incitecivility” CoffeePartyUSA

 “*high five* Way to state your point without trolling, becoming negative or using bully tactics! #coffeepartyon” (note you can include a high five sticker in your facebook post, if you want) CoffeePartyUSA

 “I really appreciate you presenting another viewpoint in a non-threatening manner. Let’s keep the civility and courtesy going! #incitecivility CoffeePartyUSA”  


We look forward to your help in bringing back good manners and proper speech, and helping to provide a non-threatening dialogue that we can all respond to in a like manner.

 Coffee Party On!



Photo credit: XericX via Foter.com / CC BY




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