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Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day from Coffee Party USA!

If you are a coffee lover and a lover of ice cream, then this is the food holiday you look forward to every year.  National Coffee Ice Cream Day is observed annually on September 6th.

Since today is a coffee national day, I'm using it to promote Coffee Party USA, just like I did last year on National Ice Cream Day by being a good environmentalist and recycling and updating what I wrote for National Nonprofit Day 2019.

I am celebrating National Coffee Ice Cream Day by asking my readers to donate to my favorite nonprofit, Coffee Party USA. Click on the red "please donate" button on the bottom left corner of your screen to contribute.  I am a director and officer of the organization and I just donated $88.00 in addition to my regular $10.00 monthly dues.*  That's far more than I expect my readers to donate, so instead I am asking my readers to please make a donation to match what I donated on National Nonprofit Day or my regular monthly contribution.

I described where your money and mine will go in Coffee Party USA announces the winners of the 2017-2018 Golden Coffee Cups for television.

Coffee Party USA ia a 501c(4) nonprofit social welfare organization dedicated to empowering and connecting communities to reclaim our government for the people.  To support its efforts, which include educating the public on our website and on our Facebook page, registering people to vote with our partners TurboVote and National Voter Registration Day, and reminding them to vote through our Voter Buddy program, please consider donating.  A donation of $10.00 for ten years of Coffee Party USA is recommended.  For those who wish to give at a higher level of support and be more involved in the organization, please consider becoming a member.  To do the valuable work of the Coffee Party, as well as vote for future Golden Coffee Cup nominees and winners, volunteer.  Not only will Coffee Party USA thank you for it, so will the country!

The Board of Directors is also holding its annual retreat at the end of this month, and your donations will help support our meeting while we plan the direction of the organization through next year.

*I decided this year that I would make a matching donation to Coffee Party USA for any donation I made to any other nonprofit this year.  Since I just renewed my my dual membership to the Detroit Zoo for $88.00, that means I matched it for the Coffee Party.  I also donated $40.00 last month to match the $40.00 I paid to vote in the 2019 Saturn Awards.  I'm not asking my readers to match those donations, but if any of you did, the Coffee Party and I would appreciate you and your donation!

Thanks for reading my appeal and even more thanks if you matched my dues through your donation by clicking on the red "please donate" bottom on the lower left of your screen or became a member by clicking on the blue "become a member" button to the lower right.

Vince Lamb

Coffee Party USA Secretary

Modified from the original at Vince’s personal blog, Crazy Eddie’s Motie News.