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Get Involved with Coffee Party Campaigns


The Coffee Party recently kicked off two activities where you can easily get involved in bringing more civility and reason to our political dialogue -- "Coffee Party Talks" and our "Hashtag" campaign.

Coffee Party Talks

Coffee Party Talks offers you an opportunity to host one or more small group discussions on various political topics. You choose where and when to meet and who to invite. If you want to open it to the public (which is up to you!), you can list it on the Coffee Party's website.

We give you all the material to get you going! You can download guides on facilitating conversations and discussion topics on a number of timely political subjects. We have partnered with the folks at Living Room Conversations to offer questions designed to generate lively but respectful conversation on a number of topics --- from "Media and Polarization", "The American We Want to Be" and more.

For more information and a full list of the topics, go to this page:


Be sure to sign up on the page so we can keep you informed on new information and provide you instructions on how to participate in our free brief Coffee Party Talks training conference call on July 25.

We Appreciate Your Civility Hashtag Campaign

We all know that what we give attention to is what we grow in our lives. Our Hashtag Campaign offers you an easy process to expand our experience of civil dialogue online. The idea is simple!

All you need to do is to pay attention to when others online are being respectful in their political interactions ---- then comment on their sharing by thanking them and using our special hashtags of #incitecivility and #coffeepartyon. Be sure to provide a link, if possible, back to the Coffee Party USA website! If you need some ideas on some positive comments that you can use or more information about the campaign, go to this website:


Remember that higher levels of civility in the world starts within our own lives and our sphere of influence. Each of us can make a difference! Won't you join us in these campaigns! Thank you!

Mark Gilbert

Coffee Party USA

Chair, Campaigns and Actions