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Coffee Party USA Board of Directors speak after planning in Evergreen, CO



It was a very long 2014-2015 for the Coffee Party USA. It was a year of rebuilding and the rebuilding was accomplished above and beyond expectations. As volunteer organization with a working board of directors, all functions are hands on. The board of directors, the group chairs, and volunteers came through above and beyond.

We rebuilt our website from scratch. It is much more user friendly as we have incorporated more features of NationBuilder. We keep our members and prospective members informed consistently with our revamped newsletter.

Our newsroom has a growing complement of posters and original content bloggers. Our Facebook page has grown dramatically as we encourage a real dialogue of differing opinions, values, interests, and issues. It reflects the mosaic that is America.

We have added several new radio shows to the our repertoire. The book club was reactivated. We brought authors to our BlogTalk Radio platform to speak to our member who read their respective books. Movie nights were a resounding successes.

Coffee Party USA members have participated in actions throughout the country wearing various hats. The one thing Coffee Party USA members take to every action is the tenet of fomenting civil dialogue interaction irrespective of the action.

So, if you want to help make a difference, if you want to have a people run organization as your backstop, if you want to help inform your sphere of influence with truth as opposed to manufactured news, if you want to be a part of the solution, consider becoming a part of Coffee Party USA.

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Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer

Vince Lamb, Coffee Party USA Director and Secretary

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

Egberto Willies, Coffee Party Director, Newsroom

Bobby Rodrigo, Coffee Party USA Director of Internet Infrastructure

Mark Gilbert, Coffee Party Director of Campaigns and Actions