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Coffee Party Newsletter USA - Volume 15 Number 11

President's Column

Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

“Believe” and The Superpower of Curiosity

Remember asking questions when you were a child? Or perhaps you remember your own children asking question after question? This curiosity becomes a superpower when we allow ourselves to learn from others and perhaps, even influence our beliefs.  

Here’s what I’ve learned with my superpower of curiosity:

  1. A young woman I met on a plane was avidly pro-life. I’m pro-choice. When we shared our life experiences, I learned she had been born blind and as a result, abandoned on the streets of New Delhi.  [more]

A Message To Our Members

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

In the year 2000, Robert Putnam wrote a book entitled “Bowling Alone”.  The book contains data from twenty-five years of surveys and trends about American behavior.  The book shows how Americans have become increasingly disconnected from each other.  It tells how social institutions such as churches, clubs, recreational leagues, and even family dinners and playing games with friends are disappearing.

The book is still relevant as American socialization remains in decline.  Every institution has been in decline.  Union membership is down.  Church attendance is in decline.  Movie theater attendance is suffering.  In fact, even television-watching among hundreds of channels instead of four or five has denied us opportunities to communicate about common topics. [more]

Calling artistic activists! A reminder and an announcement!


Jeanene Louden, Coffee Party USA Director & Treasurer

REMINDER - The $64K Democracy for All Video Contest is underway, and it is not too late to express yourself while you compete for some serious prize money. The Week 4 WINNER was just announced. Check out all the WINNERS and all the ENTRIES. Check out the CONTEST RULES. Make a video, change the world! (Coffee Party USA is a sponsor of this People for the American Way contest.)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Watch for updates on our new coffee pARTy project. Let’s make change by making art! If you would like to be a part of the coffee pARTy project team, go to to the Coffee Party website and click on Volunteer.

Coffee Party ON!

Board Development Group Report


 Leah Spitzer, Board Development Work Group Chair

The Board Development Group, has been working hard since the last election  to review and refine our election and vetting procedures, as well as develop ways to strengthen our support for the Board of Directors.

One of the changes that we made is that there is a new requirement for applicants for the Board of Directors. Candidates will be coming up through Work Groups.  In order to run for the Board for 2016, you must be actively and continuously participating in our Work Groups by January 1.  Our hope is to bring forward strong leaders that understand our work, our goals, and have a strong commitment to the Coffee Party culture.

Also in the works is the development of  a training and support system for incoming Board Members and we have started looking for volunteers to help with the Elections and Vetting Process for the 2016 elections.  If you’d like to be a part of this very important work group, please sign up as a volunteer at www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer and mention “Board Development” in your comments.  

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We Want America To Hear Your Voice

Egberto Willies Coffee Party Director, Newsroom

Coffee Party USA members, you listen to the news. You know there is more that America needs to hear. But the mainstream media is already off to another subject. Or, they stay on one subject with a shallow narrative. You know Americans are yearning for the full story, for the real story. What can you do about it? Don't you feel impotent at those times?

The Coffee Party USA Newsroom is the place where we want to solve that problem. We want you to be empowered to provide fellow Americans with prescient fact based information that means something to them. It does not matter your ideology. Americans are of just about every ideology and Coffee Party USA represents that mosaic. 

If you have a blog and you want to express your point of view to elevate the national discourse nationally in a civil manner, join Coffee Party USA and become a Newsroom volunteer. We can help you get the voices you represent out nationally.

We Need Your Help

Bobby Rodrigo, Coffee Party USA Director of Internet Infrastructure

As Coffee Party USA continues to grow and make an impact in bringing about positive changes in our society and we need your help. What is your passion? How do you see yourself working to make positive changes in our society? It can be anything.

Using your personal passions and volunteering with an organization you believe in can be one of the most satisfying parts of your life I promise you. If you have experience in web design, graphics, marketing, fundraising, writing, organizing, event planning, videography, editing, social media or just something you are good at that you can contribute to this organization and activism in general please go to our website www.coffepartyusa.com/volunteer and volunteer. We have wonderful work groups and a great bunch of people working in them and we look forward to your participation. Some of our work groups include: Board Development, Newsroom, Community Chapter, Campaigns, Strategy and Internet Infrastructure.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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Upcoming Coffee Party USA Events!

Mark Gilbert, Coffee Party Director of Campaigns and Actions

In October, Coffee Party USA is encouraging all of us to consider the intersection between our most deeply held beliefs and our politics.  The Oprah Winfrey Network will be broadcasting a special 7-night series starting October 18 entitled "Belief"{link: http://www.oprah.com/app/belief.html }---an exploration into our deeply held beliefs around the world and humankind’s ongoing search for meaning and connection.  We hope you all watch the series and then join us for a discussion in October on beliefs and politics.  Details coming soon.


Coffee Party USA is a volunteer driven organization and our leaders come out of the volunteer workforce.  If you would like to be a part of our work, consider volunteering with an eye on leadership.  To run for our Board of Directors in 2016, you must be an active member of a workgroup by Jan 1, 2016.  To volunteer, go to www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer

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