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2014 Annual Success Report

 Robert Rodrigo, Coffee Party Director of Internet Infrastructure

Coffee Party USA Board of Directors met in the mountains of Colorado during a recent weekend this past August. All seven directors were present. This report discusses the goals that were set in 2014 and highlights those results.

2014 Goals

At the 2014 annual meeting this board set a number of goals. The very first item discussed at this year’s meeting was how well those goals have been met.  Here is our score card.

  • To obtain at least 500,000 likes by the 2015 annual meeting:  One of the more fulfilling moments for all of us during the meeting was being able to celebrate passing 700,000 likes during that very weekend..
  • The second goal on the list was to create a new website.  This goal was achieved earlier this year.  Please visit our website www.coffeepartyusa.com to view the new features and information. Including an activist tool kit with information on organizations, applications and resources to use to make an impact in activism.  The Activist Map. A unique feature that offers information on organizations all over the country.  News feeds from Scoop It, a Coffee Party TV Channel and information about our mission, issues and radio shows. Our newsletters and events can also be accessed.
  • Related to the new website goal was to advance our use of Nation Builder.  This also has been accomplished. Now we can access our membership easily and communicate with our members, volunteers and supporters more efficiently.
  • It was a goal to expand the Newsroom.  Moderators, content providers and an emphasis on finding more original content bloggers.  This past year alone four writers were added to our newsroom and post regularly on our Facebook pages.  A special thanks to Board Liaison Egberto Willies and Newsroom Work group Chairwoman Marianne Castiglia for their fine work in this area and expanding our reach.
  • Our next goal was for the Strategy Work Group to consolidate and develop an overall strategic plan.  This was accomplished and approved by the Board in April of this year.  You can find our “End State Goals’ on our website.
  • Our next goal was to create and solicit new radio shows.  Starting this coming week the Coffee Party Radio Network is now operating seven days per week.  We have added “I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee” on Sunday Morning. “A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in ‘Merica” on Tuesday night, “A Cup of Joe” on Friday evening, and The Tim Danahey Show every Monday night.  Starting this coming week “Living Room Conversations will air twice a month on Wednesday nights with the other Wednesday nights each month dedicated to special events.  Joining “Lunch with Louden” every Thursday at Noon Pacific and “Politics Done Right” every Saturday afternoon our expansion has been a success
  • Our next goal involved expanding our Community Outreach and Engagement.  We have been able to reestablish over 50 community Facebook pages and are reaching people every day.  Directors Gilbert, Danahey and Rodrigo are focusing efforts to expand on this in 2015.
  • We also have a number of goals put forth that are a work in process.  These include continuing our efforts to double our membership. Have a full working Board of Directors.  We are hoping the next election brings enough candidates to fill the four open Board position as well as a new Secretary.  We have our newsletter every month and have started that consistency and our legal and financial books are completely in order thanks to the work of our Treasurer Jeanene Louden. Last but not least continuing the expansion of our volunteer participation.  That is working out very well.

We look forward to achieving our goals for 2015 and working with all of you to make our society better. 


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