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Radical Generosity

 Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been fortunate to be traveling around the country with my three complementary projects, Coffee Party, USA, Living Room Conversations and a Transpartisan Movement Design Team.  With two of these projects, we determined as a team, to practice “Radical Generosity.”  

So what the heck is Radical Generosity? It is adopting an attitude of “there IS enough to go around” in regards to staffing, funding, resources, contacts, networks, etc. And we are noticing when we are uncomfortable with our intention to share, expressing vulnerability and generating support. It requires us to trust one another.

Why is this important to me? First, our missions are aligned so it makes sense to collaborate instead of compete. Second, I’m one of the shared staff, working with two other people who are also shared between the projects. It’s a fascinating process to navigate, steer and experience. And...Coffee Party is held close in my heart and I openly share my experience from my four-year tenure. Coffee Party is a GREAT template for what works and doesn’t work, how to collaborate and when collaboration is not productive.

Is this a conflict of interest? Or would you label it an alignment of interest? How much transparency is enough? Where is the ethical line? When we moving in the same direction, how can we communicate to provide information and peace of mind that everything is above board?

It is important for me to earn and keep your trust. Our trust in each other and in our basic society is the foundation on which we all rely. The recent upheaval in the Oregon Governor’s Office felt familiar to me. I feel sympathetic towards my former governor, John Kitzhaber. He’s dedicated his life to improving life in Oregon. And the ethics violations he supposedly committed are an alignment of his life’s work (known to constituents) and his position as governor. Somehow, he lost the trust of the media and his party. Likely from his constituents, too.

I love my work. I love the new practice of Radical Generosity which requires intentional trust. It allows me to make meaningful contributions to others with the intent of improving our country. I welcome you to join in the practice and am deeply appreciative of you and your support of Coffee Party USA.