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A call for civil fact based bloggers, vloggers, & radio hosts

Egberto Willies

Egberto Willies, Coffee Party USA Director of Newsroom & Social Media

Coffee Party USA is growing faster than we have ever grown since its inception. Our reach on social media is growing rapidly. Our membership is growing. This type of growth requires a lot of people to fulfill our mission.

If we are to make informed decisions on who to elect and what policies to support, we must be informed. Unfortunately the traditional mainstream media has done a very poor job of being the source of timely information, truthful information, or pertinent information that ensure the former.

Coffee Party USA knows that within our family or within those that want to be a part of this family exists bloggers, vloggers, and potential radio hosts. We have an excellent cast right now. We need more. We want you to be a part of helping us inform and change America.

We want Conservatives. We want Liberals. We want Libertarians. We want Democrats. We want Republicans. We want Greens. We want Progressives. We want people who can write, talk, and engage in both trivial or nontrivial, simple or difficult, boring or engaging, heated or passive 'dialoguing'. We want people who can disagree with each other and still have a cup of coffee with each other.That is who America is. That is who we are.

If you have a blog, a YouTube channel, etc. that meets the Coffee Party USA tenet of civil engagement and you are willing to be a member that abides by our civility pledge, you may be a candidate to join the newsroom as one of our original content bloggers, vloggers, or radio hosts. If you are interested, drop me a line at [email protected]. Please include a link to your blog/channel and to some of your representative articles.


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