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The Times They Are a Changing

Tim Danahey

Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

The Bob Dylan lyrics are appropriate for Coffee Party USA because “The Times They Are a Changing.” The remarkable progress by Coffee Party USA in recent months exceeds expectations.

Due to the efforts of many people, our accomplishments are growing:

  • Internally, the Coffee Party USA has complete bookkeeping records that are “audit ready, all the time”. This means funds are handled with complete transparency. It takes a Board decision for budgetary and additional expenditures.
  • Facebook followers have increased over 100,000 in the past six months and now exceeds 558,000.
  • Membership has increased and the number of volunteers coming forward every day is allowing us to plan and implement new programs, communities, and issue coverage across the country.
  • We are getting over 28 million Facebook hits per month as our newsroom feeds stories from across the country.
  • National figures are now coming forward to discuss issues on the new Coffee Party Network. Recent guests include former Ambassador Christopher Hill, international economist Richard Wolff, and MoveOn.org co-founder Joan Blades. Many more national figures are being scheduled.
  • We are building working relationships with national organizations who are now realizing the talent building within the Coffee Party USA ranks.
  • Now we're discussing the formation of “issue teams”. These teams would focus on specific issues, research facts, and inform Coffee Party USA members and offer various plans of civil engagement.
  • We're hosting monthly events for people to participate. Events such as the Book Club, Movie Night, and forthcoming Coffee party USA chats are showing great promise. 

So, do you want to join a growing movement? Please – by all means – sign up.

We're just getting warmed up as the Coffee Party USA members and volunteers continue to build a national organization committed to inform civil engagement. We are proud of every person who has stepped forward to be part of this effort.

What's ahead? Something wonderful. As Bob Dylan said, “It'll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls. For the times they are a changing.”