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What a great kick-off for 2015!

 Debilyn Molineaux, Coffee Party USA President

What a great kick-off for 2015!  We had multiple actions and activities in January and YOU made it happen.  

January 21, Coffee Party co-convened and participated in a rally outside the US Chamber of Commerce, in protest on the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, releasing billions of corporate contributions and setting up the current use of dark money into our election system.  

While in Washington DC, Jeanene and I met with Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR) and with Erin Helling, Legislative Counsel for Rep. John Delaney (MD). We will follow up in the coming weeks to review a bill proposed by Rep. Delaney that may align with Coffee Party issues on elections.  We will want your participation and feedback!

January 26 was Coffee Party's fifth birthday. We chose this day to air our first book club radio show with Ralph Nader, Joan Blades and Eleanor LeCain. You can listen to this hour long show here.

February is looking lively with another book selection, a membership drive and the announcement of upcoming elections within the Coffee Party.  Our spring calendar is almost ready.  Are you?

2015 is our year to build, nurture and connect communities across the country so we can reclaim our government.  If you would like to contribute your talent and treasure, please let us hear from you!

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