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#CU5 is just a few days away! I’m already in Washington DC getting ready.

#CU5 is just a few days away! I’m already in Washington DC getting ready.

There are events all across the country on January 21, 2015, marking five years of unhappy consequences of the Citizens United decision. On that day the court gave corporations and unions the green light to give and spend unlimited sums of money on independent political activity. The decision opened the floodgates for dark money: cash from individuals and businesses made anonymous by being laundered through non-profit special interest groups to political candidates.

Sign a petition supporting a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United Decision.

JOIN me in Washington DC for Raise Your Voice. Demand Democracy! Folks from over 30 organizations including Coffee Party USA will meet at noon at Lafayette Park, across the street from the US Chamber of Commerce, the country’s leader in laundering dark money ($32Million last election alone), to let them know we have had enough! We have five years of proof that the decision was not good for this republic’s democracy. The People must act.

Let me know if you’re coming!

At the rally you will hear from speakers like Congressman Ellison, and Rhana Bazzini. We Sharp Brass Band will play. We will tape our mouths shut with (fake) dollar bills to show our upset over the fact that BIG MONEY now drowns out the voices of The People.

The Citizens United decision is unpopular among most Americans, including JusticeRuth Bader Ginsburg. In an interview with Jeffery Rosen she shared her feelings about Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission: "If there was one decision I would overrule, it would be Citizens United.” Numbeous polls show that The People agree with Justice Ginsburg. So, anti-Citizens United ctions are taking place across the nation. 

Find an event near you.

We, The People, must do our part. I know you’ll do whatever you can to reverse the effects of this unfortunate decision.Together we can do just about anything.