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Debilyn Molineaux wants to share "Coffee Party" with you


This week, Coffee Party USA will be represented by me and Jeanene Louden.  We're rallying with 20 or more sister organizations to encourage Congress to overturn Citizens United.  

This is but one of many Coffee Party activities this month, as you can read about in other articles.  You can count on us to have activities each month that focus on the following themes:

  • Conversation opportunities to practice inciting civility and reason.  This may be something as simple as a book club or movie night...or something more sophisticated like hosting a conversation with diverse viewpoints.

  • Action opportunities for you to sign petitions, contact your legislators and more.

  • Coming later in the spring, we will introduce a "Bill Club" where we examine specific bills in Congress, decide whether we want to support it and if so, take action for passage.

  • Other ideas that are shared within our Coffee Party Community.  

2015 is a year of builiding community and taking action.  Together we can make a difference.