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Common Ground with our Coffee Party president: April

Coffee Party USA requires the involvement of people to volunteer time and donate money.  We operate on a shoestring budget of $25,000 annually. While we can do a lot with volunteered time and services, we also need funding to support our operations.  In order to create new programs and campaigns to promote civic engagement, we need more than bare minimum operating costs. Each month we need to raise $2,000 through donations and membership fees.  If you prefer to support Coffee Party USA commercially, you can purchase coffee or merchandise and a small percentage of the sales goes to Coffee Party USA.

Coffee Party USA requires our members to rise to leadership.  Wishing and hoping for change won’t bring about change. We need activity.  We need new members on our board to continue innovate, to lead our organization in achieving our mission to empower and connect communities to reclaim our government for the people.

Coffee Party USA depends on our members to gather together and create local communities.  You need not have any great utopian vision for a local chapter. You need simply a willingness to get together with a group of people - familiar or stranger - and openly discuss the challenges facing your community or our nation.

  • Perhaps you get a group of people and discuss the ballot and candidates.
  • Perhaps you get a group of people and discuss how your community votes and what changes could be made to ensure eligible voters vote.
  • Perhaps you get a group of people and discuss life and how you can support each other.

I urge you to get involved.

Get involved and stay involved.

Heather Prabish began her term as our Coffee Party USA president in January 2019. Not only is Heather a Coffee Party volunteer, she is also a mom, a wife, a recent college graduate and career woman.