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Coffee Party USA welcomes our new BOD Member & Newsroom Chair

Charlotte Vaughan Coyle is one of Coffee Party’s newest Board members, recently appointed Secretary for a two-year term. She also has taken responsibility for the Join the Coffee Party Movement Newsroom – the term we use for the group of editors who post articles, blogs and original writings to our Facebook page.

Hi. This is Charlotte reporting from the Newsroom. Ever since the beginnings of the Coffee Party Facebook page, there has been a commitment to circulate solid information and responsible commentary in order to help inform, educate and motivate. Around these articles on the important issues of our day, Coffee Party provides a venue for conversation, debate and intellectual discussion.

Civil conversation is rare on the Internet. In a time when trolls and cyberspace bullies are doing real damage, Join the Coffee Party Movement remains committed to bring people together and foster intelligent conversation. Our moderation guidelines and our dedicated volunteers do an excellent job of helping us keep our promise to “incite civility.”

Join the Coffee Party Movement editors are a jambalaya of backgrounds, interests, personalities and opinions. We don’t always agree but we work hard to model the respect we ask of our readers and commenters. Agreeing to disagree and finding common ground are important principles we try to embody within our diverse and creative team.

Watch for some updates on the Join the Coffee Party Movement Facebook page coming soon. We would love to have our members give us feedback on how we can continue to use our Facebook page to inform, educate, motivate and “incite civility.”