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Celebrate Coffee Party USA's 10th birthday by giving a gift of $10.00

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Happy Birthday!

If it's a birthday, then there must be presents! I am asking my readers give a gift to Coffee Party USA by making a donation of $10.00 (or more) to match either my monthly dues of $10.00 that I paid three days ago or the $10.00 I donated today for the organization's birthday. Click on the link, fill in the "other" box with 10.00, click continue to fill in your contact information, then proceed to payment. Coffee Party USA will thank you for donating.

Your donation will allow you to be a part of the important work of Coffee Party USA, a 501c(4) nonprofit social welfare organization dedicated to empowering and connecting communities to reclaim our government for the people. Our efforts include educating the public on our website and on our Facebook page, registering people to vote with our partners TurboVote and National Voter Registration Day, and reminding them to vote through our Voter Buddy program. This is an election year, so our work with TurboVote and National Voter Registration Day is especially important. Americans need to be registered and reminded to vote in this year's elections, both primary and local.

For those who wish to give at a higher level of support and be more involved in the organization, please consider becoming a member. Beginning this year, members will get to nominate and vote for the Golden Coffee Cups for Movies and Television, so there is an extra incentive to become a member, not just a contributor. To become more personally involved with the valuable work of the Coffee Party, volunteer. Not only will Coffee Party USA thank you for it, so will the country!

Thanks for donating. Let's get to work inciting civility and reason!

Now that you've donated, treat yourself. In addition to today being National Irish Coffee Day, National Day Calendar lists yesterday as National Peanut Butter Day, tomorrow as National Peanut Brittle Day, and Monday as National Chocolate Cake Day. Pick one, or enjoy them all. In the meantime, Coffee Party on!

Vince Lamb

Coffee Party USA Secretary