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An Open Letter To Congress

I am writing to you as my representative in Congress, that body enshrined in the first article of our Constitution, to speak to you on the historic role you will soon play and the impact it has to our republic.  Impeachment is a rare occurrence in the history of our country, especially when the impeachment is on the chief of the Executive, similarly enshrined in our second article. Because it is so rarely used, your actions and your vote in this impeachment will leave an impact for future generations to judge.

I have heard the complaints from you and your colleagues of the partisan rancor in Washington and across the country.  Partisanship begins when you cast a vote because the vote aligns with those you caucus. Partisanship perpetuates when your actions are driven first by loyalty to party, and second to the oath of your office to protect and defend the Constitution.  In this historic moment, now is not the time for partisanship.

I am not here to state my opinion on this administration, or the process, or whether impeachment should or shouldn’t be pursued.  The country is undergoing this process regardless. I am here to encourage you to look at the facts that are being relayed by the witnesses, under oath, in these hearings and consider the larger picture being displayed.

Our founders crafted a constitution from well-earned concern that those in power may try to test the limits of their power.  They provided a means for other, co-equal, branches to check those excesses. In the end, the fundamental question surrounding this impeachment hearing is whether the actions of this administration were an appropriate use of executive power, or an abuse of that power.  This has ramifications well beyond this president – and will decide the bounds of executive power for Democratic and Republican presidents going forward. The decision you will have to make is: Do you consider these actions acceptable for all presidents, or an abuse of their power.  I am watching closely your decision on this, and will evaluate whether it matches my view on the limits of executive power. I am not alone in this – your country is watching.

History is watching.

If you are inspired to send a similar letter to your representatives in Congress, you can find a template of the above letter here.

Werner Hager is a scientist, author, and a volunteer and board member of Coffee Party USA.  As a mentor for high school robotics students, he is actively building a new generation of engaged, thoughtful, and passionate members of the body politic.  This post appeared originally on his blog - www.creating-tomorrow.org

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