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Heather begins 2019 as our new Coffee Party President

The new year allows us to reflect on the year that was and opens a new year with potential for change. January is a month of transition.

This month, I stepped up from Vice President to President. So far, I've found my new role to be both an honor and humbling.  I get to witness all the wonderful work being done by our members and our volunteers. I get to listen to difficult conversations that remain respectful.  I also get to witness conversations that are not civil and need to be moderated and sometimes ended.

I love this organization and all it stands for. I look forward to continuing its mission to “empower and connect communities to reclaim our government for the people.”

I first joined Coffee Party USA several years ago not because I cared about politics, government, or civility.  I joined the Coffee Party because I love all things coffee. A friend shared the “Join the Coffee Party Movement” Facebook page with me, and I liked the coffee memes.  I did not pay attention to the news articles posted on the Facebook page. I avoided commenting on any posts. Occasionally, a story from the JTCPM Facebook page would entice me to read it, but I always googled the mainstream news article.

After years of being a bystander, I decided to get involved. I started out joining several work groups because I wanted to get a variety of flavors to see if there was a fit. I was an active volunteer and then I walked away. My life with family, school, and work got too crowded. I needed to protect my time to keep my sanity.  I went back to being a bystander.

So how did I go from delinquent volunteer to board member to president?  Well that’s a story to tell another day. I share my beginnings with you today because I want you to know that there is not a template for leadership or activism.  There is no magical fairy that taps people as leader, volunteer, activist, or member.

A decision today doesn’t need to be the decision you make forever. We, individuals and organizations, change; we grow; we evolve.

This year, I ask you all to empower and connect communities.  Reclaiming our government is important too, but let’s first take some time to have a cup of coffee and connect.

Come share your story.

Come have a chuckle about a coffee joke.

Come join us.


There are a variety of ways to get involved. Find out more HERE