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Work Group Descriptions

Volunteering at the national level is not location specific.  Most  of our volunteer work is done via regularly scheduled teleconference calls and online in Facebook and Google Drive.  

We ask that all our volunteers at the national level are members of Facebook and can attend most of the conference calls held by the group they choose.  Some aptitude and/or confidence in working online will go a long way to assure that you will be able to contribute to projects.

 For more information, and to sign up, click here.

This page is for volunteering at the national level.  If you want to volunteer in your local community, please click here instead.  (You can do both, but will need to sign up separately)


Below are brief descriptions of all of our opportunities (called work groups).  Please note that some work groups are not currently accepting new volunteers.  

If you do not see your preferred group listed as accepting volunteers,  please pick one of the available groups and ask to be on a waiting list for your preferred group.  You can also use the comment box at sign up to let us know about special skill sets so we can put you "On Call".

Note:  Our highest needs are in National Community Organizers, Public Relations and Partnerships.


Campaigns and Actions

This group is not currently accepting volunteers.  This group is an action and event-oriented workgroup. The focus of this workgroup is to develop and implement actions and/or events that engage and encourage our membership and chapters to become active participants in the political process. This can include assisting with work with local chapters and other organizations but will focus on national campaigns and actions and encourage member involvement. If you are an organizer, writer, can help implement large and small actions, or like to make a difference at the national level, this is the group for you.  This group meets as needed given the current projects, meetings are posted as events in the dedicated Campaigns work group's Facebook page.  Work is done mostly via Facebook groups and video conference calls.   This group is not currently accepting new volunteers.

Public and Member Relations

Combines efforts of communicating about Coffee Party to the outside world and communications to our members and supporters within the Coffee Party.  This group has two roles and is perfect for some of our best communicators:

  • Assist in the development of communications channels within Coffee Party, coordinate with Campaigns to “get the word out” via email and social media campaigns.
  • Develop brand standards.
  • Supporter Communications - work with other work groups to communicate with, and receive feedback from, members and supporters about campaigns, initiatives, collaborations, national organizational developments, volunteers and local actions.
  • Public Relations -  to draw interest and therefore donations into the Coffee Party through press releases, maintaining branding, and developing a liaison with Media.

Calls are Thursdays at 7 pm Eastern.


Strategic Implementation

This group is not currently accepting new volunteers.   If you are interested in this group, let us know and you will be notified when it starts up again. 

Implement strategic plans for the Coffee Party which should function as both a nonprofit organization and an effective, nimble grassroots movement. Review, update and maintain a strong, efficient operation structure. This group focuses on the What, Where and How of the organization. . Strategic thinkers, project managers, and organizers are needed here. This group will be working on an online education program for empathy training.  This will require a grant to fund it so we are looking for researchers to help locate possible sponsors.




To identify, reach out to, and promote alliances and partnerships that strengthen the Coffee Party message by research and locating groups, actions and campaigns that align with the Coffee Party brand and to reach out for the purpose of collaboration and mutual support. Do you have experience with other organizations that align with the Coffee Party?  Are you interested in helping form alliances?  This group meets as needed via video/teleconference on Saturdays at 11:30 am EST


Internet Infrastructure


Develops maintains and supports communication pathways and websites and maintain effective Internet and Social Media Infrastructure tools. Handles technical requests from end-users having to do with infrastructure use (such as our apps, forms, membership information changes, website problems, email.  Handles requests from staff and volunteer users as well as members.  IT experience or talented IT hobbyists only.  If you have IT experience, we can use your expertise.  This group works one on one with the Work Group Chair





Newsroom is responsible for generating and distributing content mostly relevant in some manner to our core values throughout all of the CPUSA properties that comprise, but are not limited to, our main Facebook page, and CPUSA blogs on our main and alternate websites.  If you love journalism, fact-checking and bringing awareness to the issues, this is the group to join.   This group is also responsible for the Moderation Team of our main Facebook Page. This group meets via video/teleconference call every Monday  at 8 PM ET and throughout the week via a dedicated Facebook page.


National Community  Organizers

The purpose of this Work Group is to develop and support the growth of Local Coffee Party Community Leaders by acting as liaisons to Coffee Party USA, providing support,  knowledge and experience and collaborating with on-the-ground communities to offer resources and materials that local communities need. As National Community Organizers, we help coordinate Coffee Party USA events with local events and activities.  This group is looking for:

  • Newbies who want to help Coffee Party USA build our on-the-ground presence. 
  • Experienced organizers who are willing to provide their expertise as part of the national team.
  • Volunteers who are willing to learn how to maintain agendas and manage Facebook pages.
  • People who can help build a working model to encourage and support local communities.

This group  meets Wednesdays at 7 PM ET.  

Volunteer Coordination

This group works one one on one with the Work group chair on an as needed basis.  Volunteer Coordination volunteers need reach out to new volunteers to make them feel welcome either via email or one on one phone calls.  The goal is to help them navigate the sign-up process,  help with training and updating documents.  Will train.