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Let's Get This Coffee Party Started

The Coffee Party USA Board just wrapped up its Annual Board Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah this year.  I am proud of the work we accomplished and the work we have planned for the year ahead. 

As I sat in the airport, sipping my cup of coffee and waiting to board my flight, I noticed the “Coffee is our Passion” written on the sleeve. Coffee Party USA is our passion.  I ruminated on what Coffee Party USA means to me. I logged into Facebook and Coffee Party USA had a post reminding me that it is National Coffee Day. Coffee is our passion, too.

I love that I can go to Coffee Party USA for a break.  I love the coffee celebrations. I love the humor and wit. I also enjoy reading the comments.  Our team of volunteers is an incredible powerhouse of individuals working to “incite civility and reason”. 

I want to see our intelligent, witty, compassionate, and diverse community thrive.  If you also value the work Coffee Party USA does, please support us. With your help, we can continue to create informed, empowered, civically engaged communities.

Anyone can become a member of Coffee Party USA.  You choose the level of support that is comfortable for you.  Think about the value you get from visiting our website or Facebook page.  What is it worth to you to have a community that takes its coffee seriously and its politics with a dash of wit?

With Coffee Party USA, you will find many points of view, but more importantly, you will find differing opinions expressed passionately and civilly.  You will find common ground, not only through discussion of current events but through a joyful love of coffee. We sip our cup of coffee and engage with people who think critically and listen to each other.  Maybe it’s worth $1,000 a year to you. Maybe it’s worth $25 a month. Maybe it is worth one hour a week of your time. I encourage you to think about its value to you and then support Coffee Party USA at the level most comfortable for you.

We’ve now made it easier for you to support us.  Visit our website to become a member, give a donation, or volunteer.  No amount of support is too small or too big. 

To our current members and volunteers, you are the heart and soul of our organization.  With sincerest and deepest gratitude, I appreciate everything you do. To those not yet members, I look forward to you joining us.  Let’s keep this soiree going! 

Coffee Party On, my friends!


Heather Prabish, Coffee Party USA President

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