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How did you feel about the 2016 Presidential campaign?  How did you feel about the results?

No matter if your candidate won or not, we are hearing from people all around the country that this election has called them to become more involved in our political process.

The Coffee Party USA supports that personal “call to action” through its “#stayinvolved campaign”.  
We want to offer you the opportunity to get involved with our mission of creating civility and reason in our political arena!

What is the #stayinvolved campaign?  

It is a multiple set of activities designed to encourage all of us to get out in the world and have our voices heard for positive change. Here are some of those actions:

  • Some relate to looking at the divisiveness in our country and finding ways to bring us more together.  

  • Some relate to supporting big visible projects such as partnering with other organizations in marches on Washington D.C.

  • Others relate to starting and growing local community Coffee Party groups.

  • And others relate to both educating the public and calling us to action around the transpartisan goals of the Coffee Party such as campaign finance reform, Wall Street reform and more.

Note that all of our goals can be found here:  http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/goals

Does this sound good to you?  If so, then we would like you to join us….
What are some of the types of things that you do with the Coffee Party?
Here are just a few things:
  • You can join our groups that are putting this campaign together.

  • You can create a local Coffee Party chapter in your town.

  • You can assist in our social media activities.

  • You can help in writing content and blogs for our website.

  • You can assist our online radio network of shows.

  • You can help us in developing partnerships with other organizations.

  • ….and much more!

We encourage you to join us!  To volunteer, go to this page [http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/volunteer] and read more about volunteering and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  

REMEMBER:  Whether you volunteer with Coffee Party or not, our goal here is to encourage you to get involved and #stayinvolved.  Get out there and get active!