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Tools for Social Media


Tools for Social Media

As a local community leader, you will be given Editor access to a regional or local Facebook page for the Coffee Party.   Coffee Party USA will post, using the Hootsuite app, to the regional page on a regular basis, but you will also be able to use it for posting your events, or specific local issues.  Here are some additional resources:

Digital Activism Research Project

The Digital Activism Research Project (DARP) is based in Seattle within the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. They study the effect of digital media on activism in an international context, and have produced some excellent reports. By far however, their most important impact is a redoing of Gene Sharp’s tactics for nonviolent resistance for the digital era. If you look through the information presented here, you will gain dozens of new ideas on how to effect change using today’s technology.

Twibbon is a cause site, developed specifically for social media. What makes Twibbon different, however, is that it allows you to create custom overlays that your supporters can add to their profile in one click. For example, you could create a leaf for an environmental campaign, and that leaf would appear on top of all your supporter’s profile pictures on Facebook and twitter. The most famous campaign to use this was the NOH8 campaign.

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